La Belote is a 32-card played primarily in France. It is by far the most popular card game, we could even call it our national card game and the more you go South, the more you will see Belote players on the terrass of cafes. It was invented around 1920 and the definitive rules of the game were published in 1921.

A typical 32-card piquet deck is used and should never be shuffled between games, but cut. The game is mostly played by four people in its classic version, formed in two teams.

Within the game’s terminology, “belote” is used to designate a pair of a King and a Queen of a trump suit, possibly yielding the game’s name itself.

Should you like to learn more about La Belote, any French participant should be able to teach you this game. Roger is an excellent Belote player. Do not bet any money against him and be careful as he sometimes has his own rules 😉