Here are the keys

Cannes is an international tourism brand, a city with multiple facets and talents. The luxury hotel sector is one aspect that has helped forge our city’s image all over the world.

So I am especially happy to welcome the 66th International Clefs D’Or (Golden Keys) Congress, and the women and men symbolising excellence in hotel concierge services and in luxury hotels in particular. These high standards are fully embodied by the event’s organisers. I would like to welcome and thank them all, including, of course, Roger Bastoni, a native of Cannes and the honorary president of the Clefs D’Or, who has personified our top-quality Cannes welcome in his remarkable career, a reference at the Majestic Barrière.

As you probably know, the association you are proud to belong to was founded 90 years ago in Paris, and in 1952 the UECH ( Golden Keys European Union) was created here in Cannes. The “golden keys” insignia on a uniform is a recognition of deep professionalism at the service of a luxury hotel. To be given this award, it takes years of experience, numerous tests and a proven capacity for continual improvement in services to guests.

Every day you are faced with a wide range of requests, from the simplest to the most complex and sometimes extraordinary. You always meet these small and large challenges swiftly, efficiently and with friendliness to your guests who, rightly, have confidence in you and in your proverbial discretion. Above and beyond your daily work, you are the ambassadors for the city where your hotel is located. You know everything it has to offer, from the most famous sights to its most original features.

The six days of this congress will also be devoted to exploring our city in numerous special events. It is a great pleasure for me to give you the keys… to the paradise of Cannes!

David Lisnard
Mayor of Cannes
President of the Cannes Lérins Metropolitan Area
Vice-President of the Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council