Ducasse Paris


At the heart of DUCASSE Paris lies a passion for cuisine, a desire to unveil authentic original tastes, to exalt their flavours to the benefit of our clients all around the world.



Since its creation, DUCASSE Paris has persevered in exploring the dimensions of taste through its restaurants, hotels and manufactures, but also via training programs, consulting and publishing for all those passionate about cooking.

Today, we have diverse and complementary professions all led by the same vision, the same conviction:  the importance of eating well daily, of setting the bar high, of respecting nature and the people who participate every day in the development of DUCASSE Paris throughout the world.



The origins of DUCASSE restaurant lie in Chef Alain Ducasse’s desire to feed his contemporaries by offering a “cuisine of the essence” that glorifies a produce’s authentic flavor.

Haute Couture, Signature, Contemporary, Timeless, Bistros & Brasserie: each of our 32 restaurants has its own editorial line, originally set by Alain Ducasse then fed by the personality of the chef he appoints to direct it.

Whether in Paris, Tokyo, Doha, London, New York, Hong Kong or Monaco, Macao, we all share the same precautious selection of  exceptional produce and tirelessly seeking authentic tastes, all the while remaining generous and passionate about our approach to cooking.